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Clog Busterz is dedicated to providing high-quality pipe inspection, drain cleaning, repair, and replacement services to customers in Lexington, KY, and the surrounding areas. It is crucial to address pipe problems immediately, as they can easily go unnoticed and cause major inconvenience when they stop working altogether. In the past, traditional sewer and drain replacement involved excavation, which often resulted in collateral damage to properties. However, Clog Busterz uses noninvasive and efficient methods, such as sewer camera inspection and trenchless pipe bursting. Our process is an effective and efficient method of replacing 2" to 6" lateral pipes in a minimum amount of time and unlike lining the new pipe can be the same size or even a size larger that the old pipe.

At the start of every appointment, Clog Busterz performs a sewer camera inspection to locate any issues in the pipe system. This process involves inserting a high-definition waterproof camera into the pipe through an access point, providing a live feed of the pipe's interior. If the pipe needs to be replaced, trenchless pipe bursting is the preferred method. This technology involves inserting a bursting head with a new pipe attached to it into the pipeline through two access points. As the bursting head moves through the pipe, it breaks up the old pipe and pushes it into the surrounding soil, while simultaneously placing the new pipe in its place.

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Clog Busterz proudly services Lexington, KY, as well as Richmond, Georgetown, and other surrounding areas. With their speedy and professional service, customers no longer need to struggle with pipe issues. Contact their team of specialized experts today for assistance with pipe replacement.

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